Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, And Other Celebrities Pose During The ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Premiere

Isn't This Weird?
Madonna offers Ricky Gervais a kiss. How bizarre!
To all of you who are massive fans of the Muppets, you may now be excited about The Muppets Most Wanted movie.

Celebrities who appeared on the red carpet last night (March 11), look thrilled to be there! Just look at how Ricky Gervais looks while posing with Constantine, Miss Piggy, and Kermit. Maybe the selfie will be almost as famous at the one Ellen DeGeneres took at the Oscars.

How the gorgeous Tiny Fey reacted to the stars of the movie might surprise you. I mean, she’s Tina Fey, right? The woman is fabulous.

Apparently, the was feeling rather starstruck when meeting the iconic stars.

When it came to relaxing and trying to be casual, she said, “I just had to pretend I wasn’t freaking out. I had to play it really cool and fake it till you make it…” I didn’t think I would ever actually hear someone say that when meeting the Muppets.

Modern Family star, Ty Burrell, shared Fey’s thoughts. “I was pretty starstruck but after a couple of hours they become your scene partner and then something even weirder happens and you start talking to them between takes like they are an actual human being. I don’t know what is weirder,” he shared.

I’m going to say they’re both equally odd.

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