Tina Fey Goes Casual In NYC, Shows Off Her Cute Daughters [PHOTOS]

Not only is Tina Fey one of the funniest women in the entertainment industry, but she seems like she’s one of the coolest and most down to earth.

The 30 Rock star was spotted out and about in New York City this weekend enjoying the brisk fall weather with daughters Alice and Penelope. Alice looked adorable in a striped blue and pink dress. She looks like a tiny version of Tina, which is awesome.

Penelope is pretty adorable as well. She seems like a rather content baby hanging out in her super expensive baby stroller. Tina looked super casual on her day out. It’s nice to see her out in the real world since we mostly catch glimpses of her looking insanely good at red carpet events, am I right?

I wonder if Tina has been helping her BFF Amy Poehler cope with her recent separation from Will Arnett. Think they have late night girl sessions where they eat ice cream, drink wine, talk about how much boys suck, etc? Or is that kind of stuff just reserved for when you break up with your boyfriend between the ages of 15 and 30?

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Tina and family. It’s actually quite a fascinating glimpse into the life of a normal, well-adjusted Hollywood family. You go, Tina Fey.

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