Tina Fey, Brad Pitt Attend ‘Megamind’ Premiere in New York

Last night, Megamind stars Tina Fey and Brad Pitt hit the red carpet and a few of their celebrity friends decided to come out for the premiere of the new animated film as well. Ben Stiller walked the red carpet, as did Colton Hayes and Holland Roden.

The film, hitting screens on Friday, turns superhero movies on their head as the bad guy wins the day and gets the girl. Will Ferrell said that he joined the picture because he loved the premise of the film and felt it was truly different than other conventional hero stories.

Ferrell voices the role of the maniacal and somewhat hapless villain, while Pitt puts life into the crime fighter Metro Man and Fey is the Lois Lane-style reporter Roxanne Ritchi.

The film’s director Tom McGrath basically setup up the premise, saying, “What if Superman were out of the picture and Lex Luther and Lois Lane realized they had more in common than they thought? It is an epic superhero movie but at the heart of it is a very intimate love story, and that’s where casting really became invaluable with Tina and Will.”

“I am one of America’s foremost fake reporters,” Fey said jokingly about her experience behind the news desk at Saturday Night Live. “I really like that in this story (Roxanne) is a modern version of (Lois Lane). She’s active and intelligent, and she looks like Sharon Osbourne. I like her short hair and I like that she’s brunette and I like that she has an ample can. I’m not going to lie to you. I really like how she’s drawn.”

Director McGrath said that while the cast stuck closely to the script, there was plenty of room for improvisation, and unlike many animated movies where actors work alone in a studio, for Megamind McGrath put Ferrell and Fey together to record their characters.

I can’t imagine how much ad-libs ended up on the cutting room floor…nor the amount of laughter from their days in the recording studio!