Tim Gunn is the New Muse for Claiborne

The Liz Claiborne family welcomes my favorite fussy fashionista to the clan. William L. McComb, chief executive officer, made an appointment with Tim Wednesday evening to discuss the move. Gunn will step down as chair of the department of fashion design at Parsons. I know what you are thinking, “Project Runway” will collapse without him and his clever repartee and backhanded compliments. Have no fear, he will stay on as taskmaster to steer the next brood of designers down the runway to fame.

The entire process of snagging Gunn began with a suggestion by a fellow employee. The suggestion then led to the recruitment that now has landed him as “creative dean” for the company. The goal is to insure the design of the Claiborne community. The contract doesn’t highlight a time frame, but William assures us it’s a “long term deal.” Gunn’s first day will be March 5th.

Thank God, because I think there would be rioting in the streets if Tim left “Project Runway.” Well at least a strongly worded letter of disappointment filled with grammatical errors from the desk of Cara anyway.

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