TIME Magazine Says They Interviewed Randy Jackson, But It Sounds Like They Just Gave Him A Foot Rub

TIME Magazine recently interviewed Randy Jackson of “American Idol” fame and seriously, I know what a softball interview is supposed to sound like. I honestly do. But this was absolutely ridiculous. This is the closest that the interviewer ever came to asking a remotely penetrating question.

Minneapolis, which was the first city this season, seemed to have an overabundance of untalented people.

Yeah, the bad seemed to outweigh the good. But when you have a show where the winner gets instant fame and money, it’s like people signing up to play Lotto. Everybody takes a shot.

What? Where’s the, “Has Paula ever groped either of you two under the table?” or “Have Simon’s nipples ever accidentally cut someone?” Huh? The REAL questions. And you call yourself a journalistic publication, TIME magazine. Ha!

Q&A with Randy Jackson [TIME]