I Completely Forgot Justin Timberlake Has A Movie Coming Out

What with Justin so busy getting sexy back and jamming his dick in a box, it totally slipped my mind that he’s also been working on a movie in his spare time. His latest creative endeavor is a role as gang member, Frankie Ballenbacher, in Nick Cassavetes’ film, “Alpha Dog,” which opens Jan. 12th and also stars Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone. The ShowBuzz reports:

The singer and actor said he was attracted to the role of being a feel-good character in a far-from-feel-good film.

“What I felt like I brought to the character that was unique to the film was assuring the audience that everything was OK,” Timberlake told The Showbuzz’s Karina Mahtani-Mitchell. “Like having a sense of humor and making everything light. That’s who Frankie is in that group of people. I think he’s sort of the class clown.”

I hear the project totally has Oscar buzz. Actually, I have no idea if that’s true. I just wanted to see if I have the power to create Oscar buzz.

Timberlake: Class Clown Of ‘Alpha Dog’ [The ShowBuzz]

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