Tim Gunn: ‘Project Runway’s Judges Are Smoking Crack!’

Tim Gunn reveals that producers of Project Runway approached him to take a turn in the judges’ circle for this season’s show, which begins on July 29 on Lifetime. But he politely declined, saying, “I’m a believer in the separation of church and state.”

Instead, he’ll speak in a series of ‘confessionals’ that will be in the new, extended 90-minute format of the show. And he’ll get to vent about those ‘crack-smoking judges,’ including Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. He said, “I’ve never witnessed a season where I felt so disabled by what the judges have decided.”

Interesting tidbits about Gunn:

* He collects the DVDs of past seasons of his own show and watches old episodes.

* He doesn’t like the return of 80s fashion and thinks it all feels too costumey.

* He’s performing fashion makeovers on five women suffering from moderate to severe psoriasis, and affliction that his sister also has. “It really affects how these people present themselves to the world,” Gunn notes, adding that sufferers tend to avoid wool and dark clothing because of telltale flaking. “One of the season 8 designers also has psoriasis,” he says.

Check out the gallery of Gunn speaking at the National Design Awards in DC!