Tim Gunn Has A New Show But Screw That, Where’s Project Runway?

Here’s Tim Gunn baring his choppers and looking a little tipsy. “I love your handbag so much that I’m going to chew on it, darling!” The tall elegant Park Avenue lady that is Mr. Gunn has a new show that premieres Sept. 9 on Bravo. It’s called “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style”. Who gives a shit? What’s up with “Project Runway”? I need “Project Runway” like Amy Winehouse needs a rail to blow. Tim lets us in on how he felt about some of the past contestants and what this season is going to be like. I’m sweaty over this. Jesus, I love that show.

Us: Which Project Runway designer could most benefit from your fashion know-how?

TG: That’s a great question. God, I don’t know — maybe Diana Eng from season two. She’s our little math and science nerd and she kept saying that her own personal style wasn’t a priority for her, but if you’re going to be in fashion and especially if you’re going to be a designer, you’d better send a message about what you can do for your customer.

Aw, I liked little Diana! “Do you like this dress I made out of a tesseract? You need to times Pi by the square root of 976 to work the zipper!” Keep reading for who Tim still speaks to and what’s up for this season of “Runway”! I just soiled myself!


Us: Do you keep in touch with any of the Runway designers?

TG: Austin Scarlett and I spoke recently, Daniel V’s doing really well. Robert Plotkin is working for Laundry. I’m in touch with a lot of them – those who want to stay in touch. We have our own Alumni Association now!

Us: Lastly, what can we expect from season four’s crop of designers?

TG: I love the fact that people will be surprised this season, and what I’ll tell you about this season is that there were 120 semi-finalists, and any one of the 120 could have won the whole season. I don’t think anyone in the audience is really going to know -challenge to challenge- who’s going to win and who’s going to be out.

Oh, it’s on now! It’s gonna be a hot season to re-cap! As long as that fat turkey bitch Jay doesn’t show up to squawk, I’m a happy homo. God, do I loathe that wretch. What a self-important douche. So you said no to the money, good for you. Get over your damn self! You didn’t save a baby from a well, bitch!