Tim Gunn Continues Ranting About Suri Cruise, Lindsay Lohan

September 17th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Tim Gunn has been bitching up a storm, probably to go in tandem with his new book Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work.

First he tackled Anna Wintour, then Isaac Mizrahi, followed by Taylor Momsen and the Conde Nast conglomerate.

On Access Hollywood yesterday, Gunn set his sights on four-year-old Suri Cruise — though he foists the blame on her parents, and the insanely easy target that is Lindsay Lohan.

Gunn’s criticism of Lohan involved her disastrous tenure as creative director of Emanuel Ungaro, saying, “Mr. Ungaro is dead and God knows he must have been rolling over in his grave, but I thought, this is one of the last couture houses left in this entire world. Lindsay Lohan is the creative director? How absurd is that! It would be like asking, I don’t know, like, asking Suri Cruise to pilot a fighter jet.”

And then he went on about Cruise, adding, “Suri is, she’s her mother and father’s dress up doll and I feel in many ways she’s a fashion victim and it’s just very inappropriate.” He also said her high heels are absurd and probably not good for. Well, as you can see in the photos, she doesn’t mind them one lil’ bit while shopping with her mother in Boston!

I mean, it’s one thing for him to go after people in the industry that he knows and works with, but quite another just to randomly bitch about 4-year-olds or young women who don’t act any better than a 4-year-old.

Get a grip, Gunn!

By Justin Thompson

  1. Jill

    I think is totally right on…. I’m scared for Suri Cruise.

  2. XYZ

    Spot on, Tim. I feel sorry for the kid. Scientology and Hollyweird have already messed her up and thats plain to see. Child protection anyone?

  3. ginger

    Man, I love Tim Gunn! He’s the only one whose got the guts to say what anyone with any common sense is thinking.

  4. benzi

    He isn’t bitching about Suri, he’s concerned for her. Anyone with a brain knows little kids shouldn’t wear heels because it will damage their rapidly growing muscle and bone structure. It DOES NOT matter whether she likes them or not. Kids like candy too, but you don’t let them eat it all day. Her parents should be concerned for her health first, not her fashion. But that would be asking a lot of insight from the Cruises (and, apparently, Justin Thompson).

    • Justin Thompson

      I literally couldn’t care what happens to Suri Cruise or her feet. She’s not my child, therefore I won’t have to buy her corrective insoles later in life.

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