TIm Gunn and Andrae Do Red Lobster

March 16th, 2006 // 8 Comments

I love it!

(Image via Bravo)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    Red lobster is the bomb diggity .. I always get the shrimp fiesta and a shirley temple when I go … good food peeps !!!

  2. Rocky

    LOL! OMG…I just bought this t-shirt of Andrae at cafepress:


    And it is hysterical! More Andrae!

  3. BlazerMary

    Too funny! It’s only been a week and I miss Tim Gunn already!

    Next year’s contestants should have to design a new uniform for Red Lobster and Andrae should be guest judge!

  4. oscarsmomma

    HAHAHA I was literally rolling on the floor with tears coming out of my eyes…That is Freaking Hilarious…..Can’t stop laughing….LOVE IT!!!!
    “where’s andre?” “Designers make it work…” Hahahaha SANTINO is the BOMB…they should give him his own show…

  5. Cd

    I too miss Tim Gunn.

  6. They had an all you can eat shrimp contest.

  7. Red Lobster Employee of the Week

    Aw, my workplace. I saw Nikki Sixx at the one I work at recently. Of course, I was covered in coconut shrimp breading and butter and nothing interesting happened… but yeah.

  8. C

    The best! Thanks so much for posting this picture, I LOVE IT!

    “Andre, where’s Andre?”

    “Designers, you let me violate you.”

    “Desigers, rock the casbah.”

    Santino, love to hate him. He could have a whole show based on his impression of Tim. I hope he comes back for next season as a one time judge or a consultant or SOMETHING. He did make great television.

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