Tim Tebow’s Shirtless Jockey Underwear Ad [PHOTOS]

January 12th, 2012 // 9 Comments
Tim and Hitler
Tim Tebow Denver Broncos Game New York Jets
Hitler reacts to Tim Tebow's win over the Steelers. Watch »

Jockey unveiled their latest Tim Tebow campaign on its web site on Monday, showing us Tim Tebow clad only in briefs.

With Tebow-mania reaching a fever pitch across the country, the image of a shirtless Tebow is the first thing consumers see if they click on the Jockey.com website.

Dustin Cohn, chief marketing officer of Jockey, said the quarterback has been a “lightning rod” for the brand, driving up sales of Jockey’s underwear products for men and women. ”It’s very exciting for us. He is the hottest athlete in the country today,” Cohn said.

Cohn said a recent TV ad featuring a shirtless Tebow appearing for a brief moment left “no question” that the quarterback was driving up interest in the brand among women.

Watch Tim’s Jockey commercial and launch the gallery to check out some of Tim’s shirtless pics. 

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tim Tebow's Shirtless Pics
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    Tim Tebow can get it!!!!

  2. Tim Tebow's Shirtless Pics
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    Tim Tebow always looks great. His Jockey pics aren’t even close to soft porn, but it is always great to see “what God hath wrought” through DNA, major hard work, and beauty of the human physique.

  3. Matthew 5:16, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Acts 1:8, 2Cor.5:20, Psa.119:46, Isa.40:9, Isa.62:6, Mat.5:14-16, Mk.8:38, Acts 18:9, Eph.6:18-20, 2Tim.1:8a, Jn.12:32, Phi.2:15,16, 1Tim.4:12b, Tit.2:7,8, Eccl.11:6, 2Tim.4:2, 1Pet.3:15.

    We should all wish that we are the witness that Tebow is. Just the fact that we are discussing him showing his faith is proof of the people that he is reaching and setting the example.

  4. Anon

    He’s also very handsome and sometimes it’s going to be about just that.


    Guess he didn’t know Tom Brady is god. LMAO!!! If he was a true Christian, he would be broke and whiney just like the rest of them pukes.

    • zisker

      I seriously take exception to your comment. I am a Christian – I am NOT Broke – no I am not rich but my God provides for my needs – NOT MY WANTS. AND I AM NOT A PUKE. I will pray for your very soul because my Bible tells me God will not be mocked and it also tells me we as Christians will be mocked for the sake of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But we know how the story ends. SATAN AND HIS MINIONS LOSE!!!

  6. Tim Tebow's Shirtless Pics
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    I’d lick his sweaty armpits!

  7. Tim Tebow's Shirtless Pics
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    Which one?!

  8. Hypocrite hater

    He’s nothing but a whore. Stockpiling money to go into politics to steal even more money from the religious right.

    He wasn’t born in this country so he can’t get too far.

    Fake christian. What would Jesus do? I doubt he’d strip.

    Too bad he can’t just be a quarterback.

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