Tim Tebow Goes Shopping, Ranked In NFL’s Top 100 Players [PHOTOS]

Tebow Gets Fancy
Tim Tebow Attends 'Act Of Valor' Premiere Looking Hot
Everyone seems to love Tim Tebow after this last football season. Rumors of a romance with Katy Perry have been shut down and his trade to the Jets was a shock, but that doesn’t stop fans from flocking to shake his hand.

Seen here, quarterback for the New York Jets Tim Tebow is seen leaving the Ralph Lauren store in New York City on April 29th. The man can rock a white t-shirt and some jogging shorts like no other. According to CBS, the NFL ranked Tebow 95th in the top 100 best players of 2012. This is from a guy who was once considered one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. You gotta love a true underdog story.