Tim Tebow Goes Shirtless For ‘GQ,’ Has Much To Prove To Jets Fans [PHOTOS]

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One thing’s for sure-I will definitely be watching more of the New York Jets this football season should a certain God-fearing gent take the field.  GQ’s Devin Gordon went to a media day during training camp this summer to size up Tim Tebow, back-up quarterback for Mark Sanchez.  Gordon didn’t (and perhaps still doesn’t) like Tebow before writing the article:

This, really, is the root of my beef with Tebowmania: It has nothing to do with football. It’s a sales pitch—a sensation built on evangelism, not ability, powered by people who see a chance to turn the NFL into the next front of the culture war. And now that culture war is coming to my team.

Tebow isn’t arrogant, nor is he obnoxious, but a lot of Americans aren’t jiving with his love of the Lord.

Gordon asked Tebow what he says to those fans who aren’t sold on him, to which the devout Christian answered – how else – diplomatically.  

“I think if they’re a Jets fan, hopefully they’ll be rooting for me,” Tebow answered.  “I’ll do whatever I can to help this team win football games. I’ll give my heart and soul whenever I step on that field and even when I’m on the sidelines. And at the end of the day, that’s really all you can ask of someone.”

Aww, now how can you dislike someone that adorable?