Tim Tebow Attends The ‘Act Of Valor’ Premiere, Denies Romance With Katy Perry [PHOTOS]

February 14th, 2012 // 2 Comments

Instead of crying into a box of Life cereal, I’m going to stare at pictures of Tim Tebow on this Valentine’s Day.

Tebow, one of America’s cutest virgins (can’t think of any others at the moment), attended Relativity Media’s Act of Valor premiere at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood last night (February 13th).

During a visit to the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in South Los Angeles earlier in the day, one precocious youngster inquired about Katy Perry.  Do they have “a thing?”  

“No, me and Katy Perry don’t have a thing, but she’s a very good artist,” Tim assured the whipper snapper, according to the Herald Tribune.  ”I’m single …but I’m doing just fine though. I’ll just be around my brothers and friends. We’ll just have a good time.”

In the offseason, Tebow plans to take a trip to the Philippines where his foundation is funding the construction of a hospital.  He’ll also visit an orphanage he supports.  Marry me, Tebow.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. trevor

    Wow. Real christian to not take a stance against war and embrace by going to see this PROPAGANDA

  2. John

    You’re nothing but a hypocrite Trevor. Who are you to say “REAL christian” and if I remember right Christians are not suppose to be judgmental. People like you need to mind their own business and let people enjoy their lives. I’m not going bother explaining to you why this isn’t a Propaganda film, why? People like you will never understand.

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