Tila Tequila Is Having Casey Johnson Baby

Holy WTF.  Tila Tequila’s long all caps rants on her blog are as common as Lily Allen peep shows, but her latest posting is a whirl of information.

There’s no time to delve into the strange details of her all over the place language and the fact that she interchanges calling the late Casey Johnson her wife and fiance.   We can’t even to discuss  the fact that she slams Courtney Semel, who dated both Tequila and Johnson before the heiress and reality star met, for being the real media whore, not her, and that there is no sex tape with her wifey and Semel.   We need to focus people, because the living Bratz doll announced SHE IS  PREGNANT!

We probably should have guessed it from this photo. She’s tweeted and deleted her pregnancy a couple times and people
thought it was just part of her typical crazy, and she told Jane Valez Mitchell
on CNN that she was “possibly yes” pregnant and “when the time is
right, I will let everyone know.” Apparently that time is now after the coverage of Johnson’s death is weening. 

More of Tila’s drama after the jump.

Tequila says it’s something she did for Johnson and it was NO accident.
They wanted a child and since Johnson already had an adopted daughter
Tila was the chosen one to carry it.  She wants to say nothing about the
father accept he’s “a good friend of mine and also in ‘this’ industry.”
(No guy comes to mind that’s in the industry of getting photos taken of
them for wearing tiny outfits…) But that’s all she will say.  Until
later when she updated
TMZ to let them know he’s “a Swedish man – gorgeous.” And that’s
all she’ll say.  Until the next time she tweets, talks to TMZ or
blogs.  I’m thinking she is going to spread out the “hunt for baby
daddy” as long as she can. Does this mean she is not having a
baby for her
like she planned back in December? “I wanted to give you a
baby, bro, but I accidentally..oops, I mean not accidentally, got
knocked up by a Swedish guy.”  TMZ also reports that Tequila is
also shopping around the ultrasound to
the highest bidder for proof.  Hey you can’t support a baby on just front
door photo shoots
.”I can’t believe I have the power to
bring a life into the world.” Me either consider the Hilton sisters
don’t think you have the power to take
care of a dog
.Here she is at the “Gen Arts Fresh Face in
Fashion” event at Sky bar in LA September 29, 2009 pre-bun in the oven.