Tila Tequila And Her 1,027,770 Friends

Popularity isn’t just for celebrities anymore. The scope has expanded way beyond the borders of Hollywood, and it’s all covered in the New Fame Index. New meters of popularity are if you haven’t created your own Wikipedia entry, if you’ve been downloaded more than 50,000 times on You Tube, if you’ve been crucified on three gossip sites, and if you have more than 10,000 friends on MySpace. This is where Tila Tequila comes in. She’s MySpace royalty.

The voluptuous 24-year-old Tila Tequila, who has 1,027,770 friends as of press time and gets let into a lot of clubs and free clothes, too. Still, she says, it’s hard.

“Now everyone is copying me,” confides the electro-popstar who just thought of the term gangsta pop – and now her friends are telling her to copyright it. “I even notice profiles where girls try to copy my personality, which is funny. Like the whole persona of ‘I don’t give a s— kind of attitude, like f— off attitude. They’ll start off like this girl-next-door cheerleader type, like f— you haters, like stuff that I would do. I’ve been on there for so long that I keep up with everyone else.”

In the world of socialite fabulosity, however, your relatives can and will get you everywhere. Veteran photographer Patrick McMullan enjoys about 5 million hits to his Web site a week, where he features a who’s who of famous of-the-moment people and famous forever-and-ever beautiful people. There’s even a second chance at being notable. You can log on to clarify your existence if you are relegated with a oh-no-he-didn’t-know-you question mark.

“I will take pictures of people who I don’t know,” he concedes, “if they seem like attractive or solid or pleasant people who are overeager. I’ll shoot them, but they sometimes annoy me. It’s not in a bad way. Some people are just overeager.”

Perhaps Tequila sums it up best. “I can get a free case of Red Bull whenever,” she reflects. “I can get it like five times a day if I want.”

The real question is, would anyone really want that much Red Bull?
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