Tila Tequila Starts Production on “Shot at Love” Part Deux

January 29th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Unsurprisingly, Tila Tequila wasn’t able to find love the first time around on her televised orgy reality dating series “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” and is looking for a second chance to voyage into the exciting world of professional dating. Today, she posted this picture on her MySpace, with the caption, “Getting ready to find love….one more time…..” and you can see that girlfriend’s got her fake hair in place, and her boobies primed and ready, which can only mean one thing–she’s ready to recommence her hunt for her next “serious” relationship.

A source revealed to us that the second season of the show starts shooting tomorrow. I hope everyone’s lubed and ready. For those of you who missed season one of the show, you can check out our Recapist recaps here. Here’s some video of Tila selecting her wardrobe for the next season of the show. That’s weird…I don’t seem to see any body paint…

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Why_Do_I_Care?

    Does anyone know the “reason” she’s claiming the first time didn’t work? Just curious what they came up with for that one…

    Oh, and is she going for men and women again?

  2. brianna

    Why is this dumb ass famous? i guess it is true, you can screw your way to the . . . middle?

  3. brianna

    Why is this dumb ass famous? i guess it is true, you can screw your way to the . . . middle?

  4. MO

    What happened to the Dude she had a shot of love with during the first show?

  5. no shot of tikki

    i was actually casted for the 2nd season of this show but turned it down! casting already began even before the first season ended. so this show is as fake as they come!

  6. Dawna

    What a load of crap she is. She never called Bobby after their finale show. She trotted off to the MTV awards to host them and announced there would be a 2nd edition then. She doesn’t want love, she wants fame.

  7. proofthatmyspace sucks

    Why is this one famous? No offense to asians or bi’s or the gay community in general but she’s the generic knockoff. She’s gross.

    I heard her comments about gay marraige. Okay. We ALL know that women play bi to get guy’s attention. This is not a new thing. How is she even considered gay?

    Next. Her comments are the one thing I HATE HATE HATE about asians. Since when was this self loathing troll above everyone else?

    Lastly, asians look SOoooo much prettier without the gaudy shit in their hair, the stripper heels, the hooker clothes, the layers of makeup on her face and all of that fake clown shit. Find most asians like anybody else is a natural beauty when they take care of themselves and like themselves.

    MTV stoops to all kinds of lows. Congrats Viacomm, you just proved once again that you’re garbage. Kill the generic manufactured excuse for rap and reality attention whore garbage, promote REAL music and you’ll be good once again.

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