Tiger Woods Vs. Christian Bale: Two Dueling Douchebags

Oh, this is rich guys.

Tiger Woods is back to doing what he does best – playing golf. And as much as I ripped on this guy for what he did, a man’s gotta make his living. But the jokes will keep coming – and forever. Sorry, Tiger, it’s the price you pay.

Some saucy little minx decided to stream Christian Bale’s film set rant, seen here at his 2009 Terminator Salvation premiere, over a cheesy Tiger Nike ad. It’s humbling only to watch the smugness Tiger rocks. Two men so high on themselves the whole world has to deal with it. The important thing to take away from these dicks – is that a lot of good humor will come from it, and we all exercise it to the fullest extent. Just ask China; it sucks when you can’t shit on people freely in a blog off. America, eff ya.