Tiger Woods Kept It Local, But Didn’t Keep It In His Pants

And so, we add another hussie to Tiger Woods’ list of sexual conquests.  Radar Online has the latest dish on Tiger’s newest “friend.”  She’s the neighbor’s daughter and she was 21 at the time of their one-night-stand.  Classy.

Radar’s source is the National Enquirer, so I’m a little skeptical.  However, Radar does point out that the Enquirer was the first to break the story of Woods and Rachel Uchitel.

Back to the neighbor’s daughter (who lives less than a mile from Woods).  Her name is Raychel Coudriet and she recently confronted Woods about the number of other women he had also banged.  She was upset that she was “just another conquest.”

According to the Enquirer, Woods and Coudriet began making out near his house, then had sex in Tiger’s private office.   Coudriet and Woods didn’t hook up again because she “felt guilty about having sex with a married man.”

Hold the phone.  Coudriet, now 22, is angry with Tiger about being another conquest, but this was just a one-night-stand because she suddenly grew a conscience after the fact?  I’m not following. 

Don’t worry.  Creepy Woods was consistent with Coudriet after their ONS and kept the text messages flowing.

Look at that f*ckwit.  Back in his natural habitat, psyched to be prepping for the Masters yesterday in Augusta, GA.  You make me sick, Tiger Woods.