Tiger Woods Holds A Press Conference Where The Press Can Talk

As Tiger Woods prepares for his return to golf in three days for The Masters he held another press conference. This time he allowed questions from the press. He started off asking the press to let the other players concentrate on their game instead of harassing them with questions and expressed appreciation for the support from his fans. It sounds so classy and then I remember the golden shower text and the image falls apart. See the video after the jump.

Here are some other things Woods addressed:

What the hell was he thinking?: “I was rationalizing, denying, in total denial at times,” he said.

Playing at the Masters: Woods plans to show more appreciation towards his fans and try to focus his energy and tone down any negative outbursts like he did in the earlier part of his career. “I’m going to go out there and try and win this thing.”

Rehab: He made the decision around Christmas to enter rehab and was there for 45 days missing his son’s first birthday which he said “hurts a lot.” When asked what the rehab was for he said “It’s personal.”

Drugs: Woods denied that he ever touched any performance enhancing drugs. He had soem involvement with Dr. Anthony Galea who is currently under investigation for distributing such drugs to athletes. “He never gave me H.G.H. or any P.E.D.’s,” Woods said. “I have never taken any of those. I’ve never taken any illegal drugs in my life.”

Elin: He confirmed that she would not be attending the Masters and repeated his frustration over the “constant harassment of my family.”

Elin happened to be photographed at the same time Tiger was expressing his irritation. She was picking up her daughter from preschool far away from Tiger and still without a ring. Here’s Tiger during a practice round on the course at the Augusta National Golf Club.