Tiger Woods Crash Details & Crash Photos & Couples Counseling

Ouch. So this is the physical aftermath of the Tiger Woods’ infamous car accident. The golf pro’s Cadillac Escalade sustained $8,000 worth of damage after running into a fire hydrant and a shrubbery.

As for the psychological damage his relationship with wife Elin Nordegren has experienced as a result of Tiger’s infidelities, Woods is reportedly in intense at-home couples counseling. The sessions are taking place several times a day.

In addition, the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Nordegren has demanded that the couple’s prenuptial agreement be revised, shortening the length of time the marriage needs to have lasted for Elin to receive a multi-million dollar lump sump.

This has been the most expensive car crash ever.

Gallery Info: Police photos of Tiger Woods’s damaged car.