Tig Ole Bitties: Amy Winehouse And Her Overwhelmed Bra

Amy Winehouse, and her overpowering breasts, showed up seemingly clean and sober for a gig that Mark Ronson was having last night and she actually joined him on stage for an impromptu version of their hit cover “Valerie.” It was not so amazing.

And as far as her label saying that new music would happen this year? Don’t hold your breath. Ronson told the UK’s Daily Mail, “Amy hasn’t begun working on her next record yet. When she’s got 10 songs, we’ll go down to the studio together.”

“We did a song together last month for a Quincy Jones tribute album that’s coming out fairly soon, so we’ve definitely been talking about it,” Ronson added.

I hope she’ll eventually get all her ducks in a row and give us another stunning piece of work that isn’t attached to her chest.