TIFF Gives Birthday Boy Colin Firth A “Spring” In His Step [PHOTOS]

Wearing Tory Burch’s “Ethel” gown to support Livia Firth’s Eco Age, Emily Blunt walked the red carpet with Colin Firth for the premiere of Arthur Newman.  The flick, directed by Dante Ariola, is about two people who adopt fake identities in order to forget their past lives and forge new ones.

Firth particularly loves the TIFF. “I have a very long relationship with Toronto – Canada in general too – and I always come here with a spring in my step,” he told the Globe and Mail.

The two stars are only a few famous faces taking part in this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, which has already seen the likes of Kristen Stewart, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Kirsten Dunst, Nina Dobrev and Kristen Wiig.

A very happy birthday to Mark Darcy Firth, who celebrates his 52nd birthday today.  Thank you for being in Bridget Jones’s Diary and Love Actually, and for beating the pulp out of that wretched Daniel Cleaver.  That is all. 

The third installment in the BJD series is listed in IMBD, aptly titled Bridget Jones’s Baby.  However, no updates on production to report, as its being delayed “indefinitely.”