Tidbits From The Rumor Mill

Rumors (sent in by readers) or the real thing? That’s up to you to decide.

Suge Knight loses State of California Drivers License due to non payment of child support. Will be facing criminal prosecution (aka the Bobby Brown dilemma) and it’s reported on his credit rating. He’s a deadbeat dad!

Michael Jackson has chosen a secluded quarter-acre site on the exclusive island, which is mainly inhabited by the extremely rich and boasts top restaurants, private hospitals, golf courses, parks, exclusive shopping, an equestrian center and private boat moorings.

Jackson has been planning to quit his native America since his June child molestation trial severely damaged his image, despite being cleared of all charges. But Rashid Bin Abdulrahmn Al Khalifa, an officer in the ministry of information, predicts Jackson will not be given citizenship. He says, “Citizenship is not easy to get here in Bahrain, even for Michael Jackson.

Anthony Clark appears on his way to being sued for breach of contract for repeatedly showing up DRUNK and WALKING OFF set before tapping wraps for Yes, Dear TV show.

And finally, don’t piss off the civilians.

Angie Harmon admits to getting a wardrobe of Prada, Dolce, etc. clothes free for doing her newest show. In the next breath she says that she will donate the clothes to charity, “because you can do a lot of good that way” who is she kidding, she’ll take a huge tax deduction on very expensive clothes she didn’t even pay for!!! I’ve sent the article to the IRS’ fraud unit, celebrities get away with so much sh*t, it makes me sick!