T.I. Takes Over NYC Stage

Recently released from jail after charged with possession of three machine guns and two silencers, as well as possession of firearms by a convicted felon, T.I. is practically screaming “I’M BACK!!!” to his fans.

A presenter at the MTV Movie Awards and starring in Takers (releasing in theaters August 27th), T.I. figured he had some spare time to dominate New York City Monday night.

Sure, why not? What else does he have to do…

He had so much time and style on his hands that he did a mid-session wardrobe change while strutting the streets of New York.

Then proving his swagger never sleeps in the streets of the concrete jungle, T.I. broke loose in a “secret concert” marking his triumphant return to the stage, held at lower Manhattan’s Capitale and hosted by Axe deodorant body spray.

The golden child rolled out some of hip-hop and R&Bs biggest heavy weights: B.o.B, the recently married Swizz Beatz, Mary J. Blige, Cam’ron and Keri Hilson – proving his entourage is nothing to be messed with.