Three Men Involved in Crazy Lindsay Car Chase Might Sue

Of course they’re going to sue. Why wouldn’t they? Lohan went B-A-N-A-N-A-S, stealing their car, essentially, with them in it and then ran over one of their feet even. The three men, Jakon Sutter, Dante Nigro and Ronnie Blake, have yet to file a suit, but their lawyers are already claiming possible emotional distress and negligence, in addition to other legal-things that you can sue people for. As for Ronnie Blake, the kid whose foot got run over, he didn’t even have health insurance at the time, but apparently is working on getting coverage. I can totally feel that. I’ve been known to ride the roller-coaster ride of no health insurance and it is not fun.

Although no lawsuit has been filed yet against Lohan, the trio are making claims that their “vehicle was taken without their permission and they were unable to remove themselves while traveling, [and they were] endangered in that way,” making it “false imprisonment.”

However, the men say they are waiting to see how Lindsay handles the situation, before moving forward with any kind of legal action against the starlet.

The trio’s lawyer added that his clients “want Miss Lohan to get the kind of help that her attorney says she wants,” and that if she sought professional help for her problem, “That would be an important point of consideration in being pleased at how the matter is being handled.”

This may end up being the most lucrative joy-ride of their lives, not even counting the “Tyra Banks Show” appearances and tell-all pamphlets they’ll be able to sell from all of this.

(Photos of Lindsay Lohan’s former assistant Tarin Graham collecting luggage from her apartment with her mother courtesy of WENN).