Three Skinny Female Co-Stars – One Eats, One Doesn’t & One Is Yawn Worthy [Blind Items]

At an upfronts luncheon, three young television series stars – all female and all thin – were seated with various advertisers and executives.

Star 1 was very friendly and down to earth. She talked about how lucky she was to be a working actress, and made sure to take photos with anyone who asked. She ate her entire lunch, including dessert. Advertisers commented on how healthy and gorgeous she was, and how nice it was to see a girl who would eat and who made everyone at the table so comfortable.

Star 2 initially sat at her table, but was incredibly antsy and jumped up and left every time food was presented. Salad course? “Oops, sorry, I’ve got to take this call.” Entree? “Time to use the ladies room.” Dessert? “I have got to go talk to so and so.” When she was at the table, she just chewed gum and fidgeted while everyone else ate. It was very awkward for the entire table of advertisers and TV execs, several of whom commented that she looks like she has an eating disorder. 

Star 3 kept discussing her “craft” when speaking with the advertisers, several of whom rolled their eyes. “She’s on a TV show popular with teens for God’s sake, not an Oscar-worthy film” one of them told us. She also made it known she doesn’t believe in being a spokesperson for “crap to be sold.” Keep in mind that she said this to a table full of advertisers. Guess she doesn’t realize that not everyone is lucky enough to have a rich Daddy in the business. Oh, and she ate absolutely nothing, although she did once pick up a lettuce leaf and examine it.

ADDITIONAL CLUE: The three girls are all on the same show. (via BlindGossip)

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