Three Grandma’s Read ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ [VIDEO]

If you aren’t familiar with the Three Golden Sisters, you’ve really been missing out. The trio of Italian 70-somethings are just plain awesome. The sisters just read Fifty Shades of Grey, and aren’t that impressed.

“I loved the beginning but as you go on, it’s absolutely, totally ridiculous,” Mary, 81, says in the video.

Mary Bartnicki and her twin sisters, Teresa Dahlquist and Josie Cavaluzzi, 72, recite X-rated excerpts from the book and help each other to understand the various sexual descriptions. “I think this was the best way to lose your virginity and then quit,” Josie says.

“Oh, my God, he sounds like a good lover,” Teresa, who is divorced, says.

This video is NSFW. Watch and listen to them analyzing the Kim Kardashian sex tape. 



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