Those Wacky McCartneys

Heather Mills claims that she has video evidence that substantiates her claims that she was physically attacked by her estranged husband, former Beatle, Paul McCartney. Ooh girl, you better post that shit on YouTube! From The Daily Mail:

‘Suggestions that Heather simply made up the accusations about Paul attacking her are, understandably, incredibly upsetting for her,’ said a source close to Miss Mills.

‘Whatever she says or does now, Heather feels she cannot win – people are siding with Paul.

‘But she is confident that she can actually prove some of these claims. Without going into specifics, she reckons to have tangible evidence showing that Paul not only verbally attacked her but was also physically aggressive.

‘As well as charting much of the marriage breakdown on her digital camcorder, and having witnesses who will testify to her claims, Heather has another killer piece of evidence in the form of an audio recording.

‘She is being quite cagey about it, but it seems that she may also have some kind of video recording of the pair rowing.

‘It has never been Heather’s intention to use the tapes, which she feels prove that Paul raised his hands to her, but if she has to, she will. It is dynamite stuff and if used, really could destroy Paul.’

Suddenly, Heather’s getting all Veronica Mars on Paul’s ass. Amusing. In any case, Heather is now also claiming that she isn’t the only victim of Paul’s abusive nature–she’s alleging that he was also abusive with his late wife, Linda. From yet another article in The Daily Mail:

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Written by Lisa Timmons

Heather Mills has outrageously alleged that Sir Paul McCartney used to beat up his first wife Linda – a claim that even her own supporters say puts a question mark against her honesty. The former model’s extraordinary claim follows the publication of explosive divorce papers alleging that Sir Paul had attacked her with a broken wine glass. She threatened to repeat it in court. A close friend told The Mail on Sunday: “She told me that he did to Linda what he did to her. She says that staff of Paul’s told her that Linda had also suffered abuse.” The allegation sickened friends of Sir Paul, who said the war of words between the couple had now reached a new low. His marriage to Linda was famously loving and there is no evidence whatsoever that he ever attacked her. Even friends of Ms Mills admitted the claim would make her look ridiculous.

I absolutely cannot WAIT until this turns into a Made-For-TV movie. I’m going to be TiVo-ing that shit.