Those Silly Stars and their Silly Feuds

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2006 saw a number of charming disputes, that we all got to enjoy together. And thanks to the folks at People magazine, who have very scientifically gathered together the top 5 celebrity feuds for our end of the year enjoyment.

5. Patrick Demsey vs. Isaiah Washington
Up until the news of this blow-out broke in the National Enquirer, I was operating under the blissfully ignorant assumption that all was well on my beloved “Grey’s Anatomy.” Luckily, though, everybody seemed to start behaving once they realized that all of America was watching them. Otherwise, I would have had to march on down there and lay the smack down.

4. Lindsay Lohan vs. Paris Hilton
For anyone to try and be friends with the woman famously more fickle than the weather itself is a challenge unto itself. But if you’re an emaciated starlet with some clear emotional problems and mysterious scars indicating a pretty turbulent mental state, the hurdles keeping you two from being BFF’s just seem to multiply. It might be best to invest your loyalty in a good purse, rather than try and make the whole “friend” thing happen.

The top three celebrity feuds are after the jump.

Top 5 Celeb Feuds [People]

3. Shanna Moakler vs. Paris Hilton
As if she doesn’t have enough going on, trying to piss off her “friends,” Paris Hilton was pretty busy this year with frenemies. Hooking up with Shanna’s ex, Travis Barker, was a pretty clear “fuck you,” from Paris and Shanna managed to act out the fantasy of many an individual when she delivered her now infamous blow to Paris’ jaw.

2. Michael J. Fox vs. Rush Limbaugh
If I didn’t believe this were a total ploy for attention due to his total lack of relevance to the American public, political or otherwise, I’d probably jump on the bandwagon and go with number 2. As it stands, Rush Limbaugh’s accusation of Fox’s overexaggeration of his Parkinson’s symptoms just seems so asinine that it couldn’t possibly have been truthful. Who knows? Maybe Rush was still high.

1. Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump
Seemingly determined to make this list was Rosie O’Donnell–be it with either Star Jones, Kelly Ripa, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, or the entire continent of Asia–the woman is a veritable volcano of righteous indignation. And at the rate she’s going, I wouldn’t be surprised if she manages to engage in a few more feuds between now and New Year’s Eve, hoping to really top herself before the end of the year.

Let’s hope that the celebs read the list and really challenge themselves to stand on the shoulders of those who have come before them and work toward providing an equally entertaining list for 2007.