Those Are His Daughters

Admit it, you thought he had found two broads at the supermarket and was headed home for some threeway action. No, those are his kids. Though, he does date girls that age. So? He’s a hot piece of ass. Bruce is one of those guys who’s ageing like a fine wine. You know you want him to save the Nakatomi Building in your bedroom. And by “save the Nakatomi Building” I mean bang you. Anyway, his next project is with insane-o director Oliver Stone, in a film about Vietnam. Hasn’t Oliver exhausted that yet? Remake “Helter Skelter” or something. That I’d pay for! Oliver Stone is bonkers and he’d probably actually hire the real Manson Family. The Devil always shaves his head!

The Hollywood veteran will play real-life army general William R. Peers who investigated the infamous My Lai village massacre – in which around 350 to 500 people, many of who were women and children, were murdered by US soldiers.

Channing Tatum and Michael Pena are also set to star in the movie, with Tatum playing Hugh Thompson Jr., an army helicopter pilot who broke ranks and flew between the villagers and the soldiers to protect them from the slaughter.

Filming starts in 08. Channing’s kind of a hot piece of ass, too. He looks mildly retarded in some pics, and then hot as balls in others. It’s gotta be Friday because I feel like I’ve been trolling the gutter for things to say today. I need to cleanse myself and adopt a more Christlike manner. Pray for me.


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