‘Thor’s’ Chris Hemsworth Got Too Buff For His Costume

Chris Hemsworth, starring in the upcoming Marvel comic book film Thor, got so muscular that he didn’t fit into his costume!

The Aussie took training too seriously saying:

I got the part and immediately started looking at the comic books, and the guy is 500 pounds or something and looks like Schwarzenegger. And I thought, ‘OK, I’m not gonna get to that.’ But I have to get bigger.

He got so big that while he was putting on the costume for its final fitting, he felt his hands go numb. The costume didn’t fit him and needed to be altered. Watch Chris Hemswoth’s interview from CinemaCon after the jump.

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The movie is out May 6 and he’s a little nervous about whether or not the film will do well. But common who isn’t excited to see his rock-hard bod?

Check out photos of the stud at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace promoting Thor.