This Time Kristen Stewart Isn’t Smiling

June 15th, 2009 // 15 Comments

Catch Kristen Stewart once at a gas station and you’ll get a smile. Catch Kristen Stewart at a gas station a second time, well, you get that look. She does actually give a little smile as she’s leaving the gas station.

Stewart stopped by a gas station in Los Angeles, California on June 15, 2009 to fill up her Mini Cooper. Just let the poor girl pump her gas in peace.

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: Kristen Stewart hits the pumps

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lindz

    so, are the severely over-plucked eyebrows a joan jett thing? because i really don’t love it!

    i think she’s a very cute girl in a quirky way … but no one should wear too-thin eyebrows.

    she undoubtedly has a rockin’ body though …

  2. LOBO

    God jizz in my pants??

  3. Keta

    She is so natural and beautiful! I love her) Go ROBSTEN!

  4. tu

    Uh, why isn’t she smiling? OMG! Being surrounded by MEN WITH CAMERAS and she’s 19 years old is scarey. OMG, how do you people do this stuff to actors?!! I couldn’t even imagine being surrounded at a gas station with a bunch of men with cameras!! You people may think there is nothing wrong with that because you all are out there in LA, LAnd of perversion, but I think it’s horrible. There’s something wrong with the world when men can get away with filming a teenager on the street like this regardless if she’s an actress or a public figure. She’s still a young lady. Why isn’t she smiling?! IDIOTS!!

  5. DD

    are you smiling 24/7??????????????? please give her a break..

  6. Chris

    Love Kristen Stewart! But 57 pictures of her pumping gas. Give the girl a break, back off.

  7. cookie

    She’s a natural beauty, she has no make-up at all, and she still looks goorgeous! I can’t wait for her in full Joan Jett make-up and outfits. Also stop harassing her. Take some photos but her every move? Come on already. She does not even have a bodyguard. I’ll be scared too and angry. I wonder what Rob thinks of all the in your face papparazzi on Kristen. Also Emilie is beautiful but she’s no Kristen Stewart. Plus she’s 5 yrs. older than Rob. Hmmm!

  8. KristenRULES!!

    lol @ LOBO, i agree

  9. anna w.i

    Gosh, what do you mean she is not smiling. Cant you see those pic that she was smiling? Just bcoz she wasnt smiling in a few ,the heading says “this time KS is smiling…”wow some articles are just damn good?”. KS you are beautiful and awesome, dont smile for these people,they dnt appreciate you. They only see the non smiling pic of yours.Strange article

  10. rpatzfan

    that girl is fucking crazy ,she look like she is always on drugs

  11. Nicky

    It’s actually our fault that this happens to her every day. People are so obsessed with Twilight and anything to do with Twilight that the paps go around taking the photo’s because they know there’s public interest in the pics they take. It’s unfortunate but these are the perils of being famous. Anyway, I’ve always wanted a Mini Cooper S and in black. Lucky her.

  12. Menolly from the BVS myspace

    OMG!!! What are you people thinking? I would be scared out of my mined and P.O.’ed. What have the people of this world come to. She is pumping gass for F’sakes. Save it for the runway. I am not happy with this site either. Did your people take these, or did you buy them? Bad form….

  13. Buffy

    haha…the first thing I thought of was Bella’s before car from the book! lol

  14. VampirezZLadiii

    @ tu :I absolutely agree with you!
    Poor girl,she can’t even go to a gas station without being followed thats so CRAZY!
    I’m a Kristen fan,and of course Im happy to see pics of Kristen ,but I DONT NEED 50 PICTURES OF HER GOING TO A GAS SATION!!what do you think?! she’s 19,let her pump gas in peace!

    Altough she doesnt smile (what the hell?she should also SMILE while shes following?are u allright?!)i think she is pretty friendly..i think i would have said something bad to them.

    are there relly ppl outhtere who wanna see all these pics?i cant imagine

  15. wakiz

    why don’t they go tagging and putting where to buy/find those sunglasses…. pff I want one of those.! please if someone knows tell me find me at twitter. thankz.
    oh btw kristen rocks she’s awesome. but yeah guys give her a break.!

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