This Might Sober Her Up

Amy Winehouse will reportedly be questioned to ascertain if she was an accomplice in her husband Blake Fielder-Civil’s trial fixing scheme. Fielder-Civil is currently in the joint for trying to bribe some guy he beat the crap out of in a pub to not testify against him, which is a big ole’ no-no. British authorities are now allegedly going through Beehive’s phone and financial records to see if she had anything to do with supplying the $400,000 Blake was offering the guy to clam up. Of course she did! She’s got a huge record, and Blake’s her leech. Does his ass even have a job? And they have that crackhead love bond that can’t be split asunder. Unless you’re down to the last crack rock, and then all bets are off.

The bobbies also visited her accounting firm last week to track down how she’s spending her money. Well if she isn’t busy paying people off for her asshole husband’s thuggery, I’m going to guess she’s spending it on drugs. Just a thought. Oh, and trips to the corner store to buy snacks while she’s high. Have you ever seen a cokehead buy that much junkfood? She defies everyone’s expectations whether it’s in her recording career or how illegal pharmaceuticals affect her.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online