This Is Why We’re Hot

June 21st, 2007 // 27 Comments


And this is why he’s not. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t pleased to find out that Perez Hilton received a major blow in web traffic, as a direct result of his various lawsuits over photo copyrights. His webhost has ceased hosting services and he was forced to move his site from Crucial Paradigm to another server. As a result, his site was down for several hours before he could get it up and running again.

“One of the things the (Crucial) administrator in Sydney had told us the day before was if they received any more notices — any claim of copyright infringement — the site is coming down immediately,” said Matt Lum, owner of Hoodlum Productions, the L.A.-based company that manages Hilton’s site. “The action was taken, in my opinion, to insure Crucial some sort of proof if they were sued, some way to protect themselves.”

Ooh, chile. Paris is behind bars, Perez is hustling to figure out a new game plan. Looks like the mighty are fallin’! Someone get me a martini. Mama needs a drink to celebrate!

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Margaret

    I feel the same, Lisa, but the problem is that main stream media has endorsed him. He’s scheduled to be on the View now. Geraldo uses him as an “expert”. I don’t know how many others. I hit the off button when I see his face. I don’t understand this media love for Perez.

  2. Ka

    I’ve never understood how this horrible man, with his juvenile sense of humour (cum dots? pee?) and lack of anything that even resembles wit or intelligence, could become the King of the gossip bloggers.

    Lots of schadenfreude going around right now…

  3. Zekers

    I assumed that Perez was a teenage draw. Like Ka said he is so juvenile and poorly spoken that I couldn’t imagine that he appealed to anyone over the age of 16. The media sources that are paying attention to him must be desperate. I hope he goes away.

  4. Zekers

    He looks like Michael Moore’s evil twin in that photo.

  5. francesca

    There are no more comments on his new site.
    Is this a permanent thing, does anybody know?
    I think the majority of comments were always negative and he did away with them.

  6. Victoria

    Perez is a pig…….If he NEVER had a website again would be FINE WITH ME!

  7. Darth Paul

    His gay mafia connections keep him afloat. I can only speculate that he has dirt on someone IMPORTANT, which he uses to ensure his media “expert” status. On the real, he’s not very witty. Michael from DListed has him beat hands down in the gay tablogger dept. That said, I’d still make him squeal. SQUEAL, PIGGY!

  8. T-bone

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  9. dinigi

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella! smirk Wonder what they pay him to promote whores while dissing real stars???

  10. j

    I bet every one of you read his blog, though.

  11. Hey, I agree but that said, I read his blog, mainly for his Maniston post’s (which I do find amusing). Other than that, he’s not that clever or original. He’s disgusting in how he sucks up to celeb’s and further’s his own career doing juvinile stuff. His site is not on the same level as ASL. Not close.

  12. Zekers

    I read some of his garbage one time about a year ago and Iam amazed that this guy gained in popularity. He really is a pig like someone mentioned and I’ll say it again-I wish he would go away!

  13. Joley

    I will admit that I was curious and read his site one time, but was disgusted and came right back here. With the comical gems J. Harvey delivers daily (ie: today’s post on kelly clarkson) , how could I not?

  14. Trixie

    And my God, is he fat! Look at that photo! People who live in glass houses ….

    Anyway, I am in the mainstream media and frequently get him pitched to me as in: “Perez is in town for our event. Would you like to interview him?”

    My reply is: “Sure, if I can ask him why he’s never written a single negative thing about Paris Hilton and yet mercilessly and cruelly slags all of her enemies.”

    And I never hear back — he won’t go for it.

    I have NO IDEA why media outlets quote him, view him as a credible blogger, celebrate him, etc etc etc. It makes no sense to me.

  15. ELH

    Trixie – WTF>! He has an agent that actually tries to get him TV interviews? thats the most screwed up thing I ever heard.

    Oh lordy, what is the world coming too

  16. Trixie

    No, the network that is having him on will phone and ask me if I want to talk to him. But obviously with his blessing.

    What I don’t understand is that every time I actually see him on one of the shows he boasts about appearing on, he’s terrible on it. He’s not witty or funny or insightful at all.

    Have you seen him lobbying to land the permanent Rosie gig on The View?

    He is a deranged egomaniac!

  17. T-bone

    I am proud to say that I have not been out on his site. I’ve just heard the rumors about what an arse he is.

  18. krystyn

    I go to his site because he has tons of pics always…usually before other sites. Looks like I know why now!

    I don’t enjoy his commentary AT ALL and found it pretty disgusting some of the things he’s said about Jennifer Aniston

    you don’t like her, fine. But sometimes he goes overboard…

    and I’m not even a big Jen fan!

  19. Tally

    Take him down!

  20. Tisha

    I can’t stand him, and his site sucks!
    Just trash!

  21. late

    Lisa, you’re such a poser. you just admitted yesterday you cant handle your liquor worth a damn. stop pretending you drink martinis!

  22. T-bone

    Geez late – go easy on Lisa. She’s sensitive.

  23. Roy

    Here’s what I think of Mario (perez): He was (is) fat and ugly and was (is) a very insecure person who gets off on making fun of others. His site can be amusing from time to time, but I agree with the rest of you. Take him down. He is such a self-promoting a$$hole. Really. And not funny. I have seen him do little things on VH1 and I couldn’t help but wonder why people have him on the air? He wants on tv so bad, but he’s not gonna like the critics talking about how fat he is and how fugly he is and how his site is stealing pictures and then where will he be? Instead of using the Coffee Bean as his ‘office’ to work on his posts, he’ll be working there BEHIND the counter!

  24. Manda

    don’t be so bitter ASL!! you are just jealous that he is a higher profiled web site, makes more money and actually MEETS the celebs you all talk about. If it wasn’t for Perez, your site would be as well known either. Im not trying to be an ass,I read all the gossip sites. Its always the same stuff on each one, maybe with pics from different views.

  25. Melissa

    Yes, i cannot stand him. good for him!

  26. anouk

    he got his blog-start by hating on the Hiltons, now they are his meal ticket. his commentary is not funny, it’s embarrassing. and that he takes it upon himself to out people is just disgusting.

    i do ocassionally visit his site, b/c the hate comments can be fun. but i don’t click on anything!

  27. Yo Momma

    What goes around comes around. He trashes stars to make his pathetic life seem better. His shameless way of self promoting is seriously disgusting, and the way he talks in 3rd person is like nails on a chalkboard….I hate to admit I do read his site – mainly for the pictures (stolen or not) but I also like the way he gets slammed in the comments section. Even more brutal than he is. “HIGH-larious”.

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