This Is Why We’re Hot


And this is why he’s not. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t pleased to find out that Perez Hilton received a major blow in web traffic, as a direct result of his various lawsuits over photo copyrights. His webhost has ceased hosting services and he was forced to move his site from Crucial Paradigm to another server. As a result, his site was down for several hours before he could get it up and running again.

“One of the things the (Crucial) administrator in Sydney had told us the day before was if they received any more notices — any claim of copyright infringement — the site is coming down immediately,” said Matt Lum, owner of Hoodlum Productions, the L.A.-based company that manages Hilton’s site. “The action was taken, in my opinion, to insure Crucial some sort of proof if they were sued, some way to protect themselves.”

Ooh, chile. Paris is behind bars, Perez is hustling to figure out a new game plan. Looks like the mighty are fallin’! Someone get me a martini. Mama needs a drink to celebrate!