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March 6th, 2007 // 6 Comments

In an attempt to defend her doggie, Isaboo, Rachael Ray was bitten on the leg by a stray dog in Union Square Park Saturday. Page Six reports:

According to the TV host’s rep, “This dog came up – there was no owner in sight – and became aggressive. Rachael and some others shooed it away, but it came back and attacked Isaboo. Other dogs were involved, and Rachael jumped in and was bit by one of the dogs on the leg. A nurse was in the park and checked her out. She’s fine.”

When I hear about incidents like this, I’m thankful for my pet gun. Just kidding, PETA! Ha! Ha! Let’s all laugh together!

More Photos of Rachel Leaving LA After the Jump

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Kelly Rummelhart

    This is why I have kids instead of pets . . . I’d be like, “Isa-who”??? and go buy another dog, I don’t get bit, another dog disaster averted!

  2. rob

    why does she wear those tight spandex shirt things and really tight jeans when she really shouldn’t be doing that. and what the fuck is up with the way she talks? I don’t get it. I wish the dog ate her. 30 min dog meal.

  3. harold

    If I have to see her horrid face one more time I will scream
    She is a loud mouthed fugly faced monster that has one good agent who plasters her mug everywhere
    I have friends who worked with her and hear she just hires and fires all the time like some kind of dictator. Figures, how else would she get so close to our God Oprah? Yuk!
    I hope the dog didn’t die

  4. WTF

    I hope she gets rabies.

  5. Rach101

    Why you guys are all so mean?Fucking hell!She’s a really sweet and down to earth person,and wake up people,if Oprah likes her then there must be something right with her!Oprah’s not a bad judge of character!So leave Rach alone and go back to your own pathetic lives instead of beating up on her!

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