This Is Why America Is Fat: Pop-Tarts Store In Times Square!

When did we all kind of abandon that health food kick we were on for a few years? When McDonald’s offered premium salads and Burger King and Hardee’s didn’t offer quadruple burgers and the sort? When Jared was still losing weight…cue the music: “Those were the days…”

Pop-Tarts, the delicious morning breakfast treat (which I love, so haters don’t hate), has opened a mega-store in Times Square in NYC and Caroline Rhea – I know! – was there to host the opening event! Check out pics of her and the store in the gallery below – it looks as if Caroline has been eating a few too many PTs if you ask me.

The store features a snack bar with 30 snacks and desserts concocted by their “chef,” sushi, mix-and-match Pop-Tarts vending machine, and much more.

See video from the event after the jump!