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Seriously, this blogger knows what time it is. Michelle Collins of VH-1’s “Best Week Ever” went to go see “The Bourne Ultimatum” last night and some douchebag brought their infant. To an 11 o’clock movie. On a Sunday night. What is wrong with people? What is that all about? Who are you? Why is there a baby carriage in “Hostel 2″‘s midnight showing. Guess what? You had a f*cking kid. Stay home with it! It’s not our fault you didn’t have the brain matter to remember to take a pill or slap some latex on. God, I hate you! Here’s what Michelle had to say:

Needless to say, I spent most of the movie trying my best to ignore the voice while simultaneously weaving a noose made out of Twizzlers. The noise did not let up the entire movie. “For god’s sake, have these people never heard of Peggy Post?” I wondered silently. I had had enough. My head was about to explode from anger, and I had a killer headache. So, about 10 minutes to the end, during an intense but quiet stand-off (no spoilers here), and with Demon Baby Jenkins on the verge of bawling, I SCREAMED out as loud and ladylikely as possible: “Will you and your baby PLEASE LEAVE?!”

Amen, sis. 10 minutes to the end. This poor broad spent probably 12 bucks to see Matt Damon kick ass and she had to listen to someone’s crack baby. Seriously, if you know someone who’s like “oh, I’m going out to a movie with the little one! What showing? Oh the 3 AM one! Yeah, it’s “SAW 4″!” STOP THEM. Tell that they f*cking suck for doing that and deserve to be left in a dumpster and have their baby raised by Scientologists who will ignore it if turns out autistic.

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