This Guy Killed A Duck With A Brick

Who IS this bitch? I could deal with “throwing missiles” at fleeing cars, and smacking a common-law wife around….but KILLING DUCKS? Geese I can understand, they’re violent and chase you. But ducks quack and eat hunks of bread and are gentle creatures floating in ponds. Scary Spice’s insta-husband Stephen Belafonte throws bricks at them. BRICKS.

The film producer, 32, admitted killing the mallard with a brick outside his house in Point Pleasant, but fled to Los Angeles without paying a £300 court fine.

There’s currently a warrant out for this asshole’s arrest in NJ. This guy is bonkers. Scary Spice is gonna ask get a call on her cell one day and he’s going to throw a chair at her when the ring scares him. Unless this duck was menacing his loved ones, there’s no excuse. And if there’s any justice, he will walk out of his house one morning and a huge number of ducks will be in his driveway, on his car, on his porch, on the mailbox. There’s a couple of solitary quacks. A few rufflings of feathers. But mostly they will just stare at him. Silently. Judging. In the eerie quiet. And then lunge.