This Could Only Be …

May 12th, 2005 // 11 Comments

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Mischa Barton. Once again, Brandon Davis-less.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Michelle

    ok, and you posted these pictures because?

  2. saint

    she’s checkin out her ass in the first one and pullin the dress down in the 2nd as to not expose that granny ass… the photogs would have a field day exposing that nasty booty and she knows it

  3. Michelle

    oh please. you are making shit up. she doesnt even look like she is doing either of those in the pics. its kind of sad when people will get something from nothing.

  4. Cassie

    I’m PRETTY sure she posted them because this is a blog for GOSSIP AND CELEB PICTURES.

    It’s self explanatory.

  5. saint

    ugh people need to get a sense of humour, miu I heart you, you post great pics

  6. lu

    serioulsy michelle yuo dont like it you dont read it
    its all in good humour, its all joking around jesus…


  7. Michelle

    dont get me wrong. i totally understand that this is a blog about celebrities. but there is no comment about the pics, nor do the pics themself give any entertainment what-so-ever. its just mishca barton getting out of a car.

    and the point of posting comments is to give your opinion. thanks for trying to give some heart felt advice though. i appreciate it greatly.

  8. JemCassie

    Heartfelt is one word, tardo.

  9. let’s all play nice and not make snarky remarks about our fellow miu fans’ opinions or spelling. isn’t this site all about having fun and taking a break?

  10. Jessica

    Saint and JemCassie, I laughed my ass off just now….thanks for that!

  11. brad

    he he, you nerdy ass bitches need to suck a dick

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