This Could Have Been The Next ‘American Idol’

January 27th, 2006 // 17 Comments

If she wasn’t such a talentless criminal. Among her offenses from her four arrests: DWI, driving with a revoked license, open container, and providing fictitious information to an officer, larceny, disorderly conduct, communicating threats, and resisting arrest. Ah, she could have been so much fun.

The Many Faces of American Idol’s Rhonetta Johnson [Wizbang]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kelsey

    wow….pretty much all you can say about those pictures….

  2. Just Saying

    DAYUM! The her grill is completely smashed up!

  3. moi.

    freaky!! beee afraid paula abdul….very afraid

  4. bestdress

    Oh man did you take a look at her eye? Wow someone got tired of all that stuff she was

  5. ihatecelebs

    AI sucks! If they reeeeally wanted ratings, they would’ve kissed her big, black ass, put her through to Hollywood and let the hair-pulling, mini-skirt-rippin’, ‘you-ain’t-takin’-MY-man’ fun begin!!

  6. Colin Farrell

    I’d bang the sh*t out of her…

  7. shawnee

    Please tell me you have been to . Just a classic classic site..LOL this hootchie is got her 15!

  8. i love it when they call me ugly momma

    “lil’ kim is having a really really really hard time in jail”

  9. holy shnickeys

    For all of you hung up on “Jennifer’s ugly,” “Angelina’s ugly,”

    ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you–Exhibit A: Now THAT’S Ugly!

  10. Mariana

    The real crime is the eyebrows.

  11. Brian

    When I first saw her on Idol,my first question was….when did ‘lil Kim get out of jail and when did she put on 50 pounds…….my sincere apologies to ‘lil Kim……

  12. i love it when they call me ugly momma

    hey brian #11 poster: you stole my lil’ kim joke!!!!

  13. NotFunnyAnymore

    I lived a few doors down from Rhonetta, she left her 4 year old autistic son alone nights when she went to work with no food in the house. Twice the cops were called out because he was found wandering near the pond on the golf course with no clothes on. The second time, the cops went into the home after not being able to find her for three hours and found one seriously filthy mattress (I know, I saw it when they cleaned the place out) a fridge full of rotten food, and a burned out stove that caught fire a few weeks earlier when she was passed out. Social Services took the child away in August of 05, and it took the cops three days to find her. After that all she could say to those of us who live nearby was “Who’s been bad mouthing me to DSS?” I too, would think this is all funny if it weren’t for the fact that there’s a 4 year old with developmental disabilities out there whose mother abandoned him. Not that he’s not better off without her, he was always dirty and wouuld run around in the parking lot in the middle of the night. I swear if she gets one more moment of fame or money from this, I will personally go on a crusade against the media producers behind it.

  14. ilostmyshoe

    She looks like a tranny…or a black version of Divine. Check out the eyebrows !

  15. Andre

    That’s not Lil’Kim, that’s Janice Combs’long lost daughter, Scrappy Doo!!

  16. Alexi

    someone needs to give her a new soul and a new face. If you had an effed up face and fried hair like that, you’d go on American Idol too thinking you’re getting fame…but NOO!!! now everyone knows what a loser this freak of nature is.

  17. sally

    did you see her crazy website

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