This Week’s Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Rosario Dawson, Nick Cannon, & More!

Let's Get Physical
Rosario Dawson discusses losing her virginity.
Celebrities are just becoming friendlier and funnier on the red carpet and in their daily lives as each day passes.

Sometimes we see a fabulous star like Naomi Watts pegging the finger to the intrusive paparazzi, but there wasn’t much of that this week. Everyone appears to be in high spirits, enjoying life. Well, for the most part.

Just look at Rosario Dawson, for example.

The star manages to look effortlessly flawless while making a funny face. At the moment I’m slightly envious of her ability to wink and stick out her tongue at the same time. If I tried that, I would look like a Furby with a scrunched up face.

Nick Cannon appears to be more than happy to be surrounded by a crowd of women on the red carpet. Although this picture would look better with a smile, I can appreciate a good funny face from time-to- time.

There are no shortages of funny faces this week!

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