This Week’s Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Rihanna, Louis Tomlinson & More!

Rihanna in France
The star is shocked people are looking at her in Saint Tropez.
It might be Father’s Day–check out the hot dads here–but it’s also Silly & Scary Sunday!

This week was a ridiculously awesome one for silly and scary paparazzi photos. I mean, when Rihanna poses for a picture exactly how you want her to, you know that it’s the start of something beautiful.

Louis Tomlinson’s face was a bit of luck as well. He’s such a cutie, but he doesn’t go shirtless nearly as often as Harry Styles does, which is just not nice. Now, which other celebs were out and about this week being silly and scary? 

Ireland Baldwin was on top of her faces this week. I can’t believe she’s over 6 feet tall. Oh, and Matthew Morrison got silly for the camera. What a gem.

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