This Week’s Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: LeAnn Rimes, Hilary Duff, & More!

How Sweet!
Hilary Duff thanked paparazzi for Luca's photo!
Candid moments are seriously the greatest moments ever. The only thing that makes them better is when the person’s face is contorted peculiarly.

Not only do their faces contort, but bodies often do too.

It’s almost like our bodies and faces take over, determined to make us look absolutely terrible.

I love that life is full of these little moments.

LeAnn Rimes seems to be enjoying the beach this week. She and Eddie Cibrian have been spending quite a bit of time in Hawaii.

Scarves are great for keeping us warm. Sometimes when they’re too large, they become weapons of mass destruction. Okay, I’m just being dramatic, but look at Hilary Duff.

That thing is practically swallowing her whole!

What other celebrities experienced weird moments this week, you ask? Check out our gallery and find out!

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