This Week’s Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Kate Middleton, Orlando Bloom, & More!

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Did you hear Kate Middleton beat Prince William in a yacht race?
Usually the epitome of grace and elegance, Kate Middleton appears to be involved in an extremely intense cricket match while in New Zealand.

Not only did the future Queen of England participate in the game, but her husband, the future King of England, Prince William, was also invited onto the field to play along.

This tour of theirs has provided us with some great emotion on their faces. 

You might be surprised to see both parts of the royal couple in this week’s gallery. Praise Australia and New Zealand for providing us with some hilarity we might not experience otherwise.

Back in the states, celebrities were celebrating the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. One person in particular who seemed to be enjoying himself immensely was Orlando Bloom. With multiple reasons to celebrate, including his recent star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it appears he has forgotten to eat.

Sadly, I don’t think a golden popcorn is the right thing for his diet. To each their own.

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