This Week’s Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Jared Leto, Jon Hamm, & More!

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Check out Jared's great show with 30 Seconds to Mars.
If you could choose one celebrity to photobomb you, who would you choose?

For me, it would have to be Hunter Parrish. After seeing Jared Leto photobombing Anne Hathaway after the Oscars, that man is definitely my second choice.

Somehow he even manages to look devilishly handsome while performing such a little prank. Some men seem to have it all.

Jon Hamm, who is usually in the spotlight for a massive appendage and not his talent, seems to be a little pouty about something.

Do you suppose he could have smelled someone’s fart? Perhaps another person on the red carpet got a little nervous. Oh, or maybe they ate too many beans. Whatever it is, the actor doesn’t look pleased.

There are some other hilarious faces in our gallery, so treat yourself to some humor! Who knows, maybe some of your favorite faces made an appearance!