This Week’s Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: James Franco, Charlie Sheen & More!

James Franco Kisses
James Franco kisses and flirts with himself.
You know the most wonderful thing about Sundays? The best silly and scary paparazzi photos of the week! Other than bottomless mimosas at brunch, of course.

Although I recommend drinking your mimosa while checking out silly and scary Sunday. I mean, does it get much better than James Franco’s crazed face and booze? Not really. I bet even James would agree with me. You know he needed plenty of booze to make this.

But James wasn’t alone in silly and scary land this week. 

He got a very special visit from the king of scary, Charlie Sheen. And Charlie is just the beginning. Launch the gallery to check the best silly and scary photos from the past week! Enjoy it with your mimosa in hand!