This Week’s Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Duchess Catherine, David Beckham & More!

David & Victoria
The hot couple at Vanity Fair's Oscar bash.
Oh celebrities. Sometimes you’re silly. Sometimes you’re scary. And all the times, you’re fun!

Welcome to another rousing edition of Silly and Scary Celebrity Paparazzi photos! Yay! You know, the paparazzi might be annoying and really bad about keeping out of people’s personal bubbles, but they get some really entertaining shots.

Take, for example, the greatest photo ever taken: Duchess Catherine hanging out with a super creepy fisherman statue that is staring at her belly. Tell me it’s not silly, scary and amazing! And David Beckham making that “caught in the moment face.” Sometimes he’s voted the UK’s sexiest man, and sometimes he looks like this. Guess who else made this week’s gallery! 

Once again, we’ve got the great and powerful Emma Stone. For reals, that girl has been on the entertaining route these past few weeks. Love her! Also, Courtney Stodden scares me with her choice of workout clothes. Luckily she’s not wearing heels.

Launch the gallery to check out all the best silly and scary photos from the week. Let us know your favorite in the comments!