This Week’s Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Courtney Love, Dustin Hoffman & More!

Courtney Is Kooky
The singer looks crazy in Dublin.
Guys, can I just say that any week which includes Courtney Love and Dustin Hoffman is bound to have been an awesome week.

Especially when they’re making such silly and scary faces. Yay! This week’s silly and scary gallery includes some of your favorite celebrities, and maybe even a few who you know but whose name you just cant seem to remember. Don’t worry friends. You’ll never forget them now when you see them being so entertaining.

I’m a huge fan of Dustin Hoffman’s face. Also, love that someone is having him sign a Tootsie poster. Oh, and Courtney. Courtney, Courtney. Well, at least she looked more normal than she did in these photos. Good on her. Guess which other celebs made this week’s gallery? 

We’ve got Kanye West being silly, of course, and don’t forget the super scary photo of Alyson Hannigan. Usually she looks so fresh without make-up. This was clearly not her week.

Launch the gallery to check out all of this week’s best silly and scary photos! Did your favorite celebrity make it into the gallery? Let us know in the comments!