This Week’s Silliest And Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Daniel Radcliffe, Katherine Heigl & More!

Katherine Heigl
The former 'Grey's Anatomy' star gives a smile.
Nothing quite like a paparazzi shot of a celebrity looking crazy to brighten up your day. It was happy times indeed this week as we round up the best in silly and scary paparazzi shots.

It seems that celebrities have all decided on a look to do for the cameras now. It’s  a wide, surprised mouth, paired with crazy eyes and a funky pose. It’s brilliant because it has the ability to look silly–check out Katherine Heigl–or absolutely terrifying–like Mel Gibson.

Although I’m a fan of the drugged up look, which Daniel Radcliffe is pulling off very well on the set of his new film. Launch the gallery to check out all the best paparazzi shots of the week. Which one is your favorite? Have you perfected the new celebrity pose? Sound off in the comments!